We can help you with the full range of digital services, from ideas and planning all the way through to hosting and support.


Ideas and Discussions

Initially, we need to know how we can help. What tasks could be automated? What information would you like available at all times and when it is relevant?

When we start a project, the first thing we'll do is have a broad discussion about what you need and what your goals are. We'll ask lots of questions and listen to answers from all the available stakeholders to make sure we fully understand your requirements. Once we have an idea of your requirements and goals, we can develop a strategy to deliver the project.


After our discussions, we will produce a proposal for your project. Our proposal will clearly set out our understanding of your needs, based on our previous discussions, along with the cost and estimated timescales involved in developing, testing and maintaining your bespoke software solution.

When you're happy that we have understood your requirements and that we can deliver your system, you just need to give us the go-ahead and we can get started with the detailed planning.

Detailed Planning

The detailed planning phase of the project generally involves meetings to collaborate with key stakeholders in order to flesh out the details of the system, and produce a functional specification which meets everyone’s expectations.

Our discussions will range in scope from major features of the system, security requirements and infrastructure to user account details and the necessary internal and external support that will be required to produce maintain the system.


Development Methodology

Our experienced in-house team of developers use proven technologies and agile, iterative development methodolgies to produce a robust, reliable and efficient back end, while our UI team concentrate on the appearance and functionality for the end user. Security is of the utmost importance and considered throughout the development process.

By never outsourcing our development work, we can ensure the quality and security of your system meets our extremely high standards.


Excellent two-way communication is vitally important to the success of the development of software systems. To ensure clear communication between us, you have a dedicated point of contact within the development team for all your queries, updates or changes that occur during the development process, and we will keep you in the loop with frequent progress updates.

We will run periodic reviews with key stakeholders throughout the development of the system to give everyone the chance to see the product in action and give feedback and manage expectations.


It's important to have confidence that the system will work as intended when it goes live. In order to achieve this, we have a comprehensive internal testing program which includes considering multiple browsers and platforms.

A working demo for key users to preview the system and help in training can be set up so that your staff have experience with the system before it goes live. This staging environment can also be used for users to provide feedback on future updates after the system has gone live.



Ensuring that users are comfortable using a new software system is always an important part of the process, since any benefits from the system won't be realised if the users can't use it.

In order to get everyone up to speed we will set up a training program where required, at a location convenient to you, either with all potential users of the system, or a select few that will be training ambassadors. Training can be designed for users of different skill levels, access levels or platforms.

Hosting and Support

When the system is ready for prime time, it will need to be hosted somewhere robust. We can manage the hosting of your system using a secure cloud based platform or work alongside your team to integrate it into your existing hardware.

We don't disappear as soon as development is complete. We offer on-call support, as well as bug fixes and security updates, as required, provided by our team of experts following the ITIL framework, for as long as you require.

Future Expansion

We know that the deployment of a system is not the end. Our systems are built with the future in mind. Once the main development project is completed, further expansion or integration may seem natural, or you may wish to see how your requirements change and evolve before committing to more.

We will be able to support you and offer guidance and, where appropriate, offer our services, but not where it isn’t needed. It's more important to us to build successful partnerships.