Founded in 2011 by two friends who were struggling in their current companies to find the healthcare software they needed. They had two options, ongoing license fees for software that didn't quite fit or expensive bespoke software from one of the giant software houses. They believed a better option should be available, so they created a company that could offer bespoke software at a much better value, Delphimatics.


We believe in working intelligently for our customers, helping our customers define the system to take their company to the next level. Working collaboratively with our customers, we have built long lasting relationships, evolving their digital workplace and improving their productivity.

The Team

Our highly skilled team has been built up carefully the company formation, we value each individual as we have found a high quality team working intelligently is much more effective than employing armies of 'developers' to work on a project. Our project managers have over 10 years experience working on bespoke solutions and continue to spearhead all projects.


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